Cruise Ship Slots

Cruise Ship Slots

March 4, 2019 Off By Allen Cook

When you log off your online casinos’ accounts long enough to take a nice cruise vacation with the family, you will find that the betting facility on board has a ton of slot machines, even for a tiny cruise ship casino – they pack those suckers in there.

As you might expect from most slots outside of a big gaming town, the payouts on the slot machines located on most cruise ships (especially those half day gaming cruises) do not come with the best payouts. They are probably a bit better than the machines at the Vegas airport, but they are not your 99% payout slots you see in big gaming towns like Vegas and Atlantic City USA. An old joke around gaming circles is that you are better off throwing your change overboard than you are plugging away at cruise ship slot machines. This is, of course, the die hard know it all speaking – the people who are wanting to always win. Well, if you are a slot fan, you know you will not always win – but the entertainment and thoughtless gameplay is fun. Honestly, think of cruise ship slots as more of an entertainment expense than a money winner. Progressive slots at your favorite online gambling site are a much better way to go really. But, if you are on a cruise, stick to blackjack – it isn’t hard to play and the odds are a bit better. Never be intimidated by an on-board betting facility – you are on a cruise after all.

Now, online casinos offer more than just progressive slot games for patrons to play. There are other classic games that are taking on the progressive format as well. Just like the progressive slots, you want to be sure that when you play these games you are paying attention to the progressive rules for winning the big pot.

Many players are very surprised when they hit a jackpot only to realize they did not get the big payout because they were not wagering properly each turn. Not only do you have to follow the special betting rules such as betting the maximum amount each and every spin or turn, but there may be other rules involved for the maximum payout (progressive jackpot winnings) so pay close attention to these stipulations. Progressive jackpots are responsible for the biggest and best jackpots both online and at brick and mortar facilities as well. If you want to win the big amounts, you have to bet the big amounts. This is also not to say that online gambling on progressive games is not fun when betting less, but you will not be eligible for the big money if you do not. After all, you always want to win big right?