The Week in Gambling

The Week in Gambling

March 7, 2019 Off By Allen Cook

Hello friends and welcome to The Week in Gambling, where it’s a New Year, we have a new studio, a new open, new music… and the same crappy host.

Now we’re shooting with a green-screen… yeah. You see after my divorce all I had left was this studio and my pride….. well I had the studio. This week’s big story is the renewed threat of an online gambling ban in America, and if you think you’ve heard this story before, well you have.

It seems that every year about this time some political opportunists comes forward with yet another scheme on how to ban internet betting. Last year it was a pack of mules that called themselves congressmen. This year it’s Senator Lindsey Graham. Of course, Graham is more of a jackass sort of a fellow. William bar has been nominated to be the next US Attorney General following the departure of Jeff Sessions.

Graham plans to push bar on reversing the Department of Justice decision on the Federal Wire Act. You see back in 2011 the DOJ stated that in their opinion the Wire Act only applied to sports betting. Thus opening the door for states like New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Delaware to regulate online gambling and simultaneously pissing off a lot of people. Now Graham plans to break in the new guy, so to speak, by pushing bar on this issue just like he did with Jeff Sessions in 2017… and just like he did with Loretta Lynch back in 2015… and I bet you can’t guess who’s behind all of this! Sheldon Adelson has long been Graham’s Sugar Daddy and Graham is all too happy to whore himself out to do Adelson’s bidding. I mean the only thing these two haven’t done is seal their love with the kiss… but then again, maybe they have and we just missed it.

Moving past that disturbing mental image, we have to ask ourselves how likely is it that the Adelson- Graham Love Train will somehow derail online gambling in America, and the short answer is not very likely. Even if they did get the Department of Justice to reverse their opinion, the Wire Act only applies to bets made across state lines. So it would do nothing to stop states from regulating the activity within their borders. Add to that the legal backlash that would certainly come from the states that already passed online gambling legislation, and the blatant violation of the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, and it becomes even less likely.

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Super freak! She’s super freaky… yow!” You’re kinda super freaking me out right here! Other stories were following this week include the potential for Missouri to be the next state to regulate sports betting, and the possibility of online poker in New York for 2019. And if you feel like you’ve heard that story before, you have!

Also, one state just came oh-so-close to becoming the fifth with regulated online gambling in America… more on that in a moment. This week’s game review comes from Quickspin… their Hidden Valley slot is a five reel. 40 line game based on the story of Shangri-la. This game comes with wilds, scatters, free spins and a bonus round. You can find this review and hundreds more when you visit our YouTube channel.

Finally, this week, as I mentioned, one state nearly became the fifth with regulated online gambling recently: Michigan! As some politicians set their sights on a ban, Michigan’s Senate and House both approved online gambling legislation, and sent those bills to the desk of the governor.

All he had to do was sign them! And instead, he vetoed them… the little shit! The Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling convinced Governor Rick Snyder to kill the bills… and the bet you can’t guess who’s behind the coalition!